Get Busy Listening

By Kelly Anderson

Goldfish – Get busy living – web clips by Goldfishlive

Goldfish have been rather tight-lipped about their new album over the past year, with their Twitter page mostly consisting of their enviable adventures in the party capital of the world, Ibiza. However, it seems The Fishies were not just sipping Sangria in Spain all day, but rather conjuring up the soulful sounds for their third studio album, Get Busy Living. Not straying from their signature mix of electro-jazz, the Mother City duo have turned out ten smooth tunes that are the perfect complement to the summer holidays.

The title track and first single off the album, Get Busy Living, features the vocals of Emily Bruce and showcases a power chorus that is sure to work like magic in Goldfish’s live shows. The song has already received extensive airplay on stations throughout the country and will without a doubt heat up the airwaves as summer progresses.

Another standout track is Crunchy Joe, in which Goldfish regular Sakhile Moleshe (Crusin’ Through, Fort Knox) features. Moleshe’s deliciously deep voice still blends perfectly with the band’s sound, and while their sound is a slight break away from the previous album, hearing Moleshe’s voice gives the album that special Goldfish quirk. Moleshe also delivers on We Come Together and Humbug, an up-tempo feel good song described by Goldfish as being about “trouble – being in it, surviving it and eventually escaping it”.

Big Band Wolf is the last track on the album, but by no means is it the least satisfying. Starting off with some soft, slow piano, the song transforms into an electronic stunner. The laid-back track is carried by a vocal sample that the band says they tried to give an “aged, almost sepia photograph type feel.” It is one of the most simple, but outstanding tracks on the album.

The boys have described Get Busy Living as “sonically, [their] best album to date”. There is no denying that they certainly have evolved over the past two years since Perceptions of Pacha. While most tracks on Perceptions of Pacha could be played on commercial radio, Get Busy Living has shaped the sound of Goldfish into something that is initially to harder take in. After a couple of listens, however, it settles in wonderfully and is perhaps their best piece of work yet.

If there has to be one criticism of the album, it is that while it is technically outstanding, it falls just slightly short of transcending the feeling of fun found in Perceptions of Pacha. This detail, nonetheless, is a drop in the ocean, and Dave and Dom have managed to pull off something really special this time round.

The new tracks are sure to translate superbly when performed during their South African tour happening this Nov/Dec.


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