Freshlyground: Just what Africa Needs?

By Khangelani Dziba

Freshlygrounds Radio Africa album certainly has the power to unite the African continent bringing about joy, peace and happiness. ‘Fantastically produced…”  Labelled as ‘South Africa’s Rainbow Nation poster-brand’, Freshlyground with their latest album, Radio Africa, have yet again proved themselves; producing smashing hits topping the charts of various radio stations.

The group’s producer, Fabric ‘Fab’ DuPont, has done a fantastic job in fusing the different elements which make up this well rounded group. The uniquely indigenous sounds that have been produced by more than twenty instruments still sound as smooth as ever and show a great deal of blend.

Off to the top of the charts in and around Africa, their first hit single, Fire is low, has mesmerized many South Africans forcing them to put on their dancing shoes. The Dream of Love brings to life the memories of one’s life in such a playful manner, that you can’t help but just dance to the melodic tunes.

The ever so controversial hit single,Chicken to Change, tackles social issues in Africa and shows their pride in being Africans. This particular song produced by Thierry Cassuto seeks to confront the current standing head of state of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, who is resistant in his actions of releasing his title.

The album illustrates the transition they’ve had to go through from their early production, Nomvula and Ma’ Cheri, which was very much filled with the Mother City (Cape Town) flavour, however, still allowing for the rest of the country to join in. One gets the sense of calmness and confidence through the tantalising vocals of lead vocalist Zolani Mahola, who herself has been through quit a lot in her life but today stands strong producing magnificent works.

The synergy between the group members has been translated from the very first hit song Moto, (which means car in isiXhosa) right to the last Waliphalal’ igazi, by the instrumentalists who have been well balanced out. The album promises to be the one of the best investments one has ever made and can be guaranteed once purchasing it you can never go back.

Freshlyground has certainly made a comeback that without a doubt will bring through tremendous results.

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