Flipping The Script?


By Alyx Carolus


The Script
 Photo credit: Douglas Sonders

Hailing from the green hills of Dublin, and possibly the hottest musical export out of Ireland since U2. The boys from The Script have made a considerable impact on the music industry
Their self-titled debut was a unexpected hit, and spawned several Top Ten hits worldwide. When listening to the album, I could agree. Prior to the band, two of the members, lead singer Danny O?Donoghue and bass guitarist, Mark Sheenan left Dublin to visit the US and subsequently stayed there. They began to pursue their music careers through getting involved in studio production and song-writing.

This is evident in the way the album is produced as the lyrics are meaningful. The album seems to be setting the scene into the obstacles in the last couple of years that the trio have faced or been affected by. 

The first single on the album, We Cry, created all the buzz about the group
 The band members state that the song deals with the troubles that faced coming from the wrong side of the tracks.  All of the members are involved in the song-writing aspects, and as a trio they often write from a narrator?s perspective. The band?s name links to this aspect of relaying these stories. Thoughtful lyrics which are realistic to the situation being described, relate to a wide audience.

The album seems to be the personal accounts dealing with heartbreak, regrets and love itself. This suits their style of pop rock with piano melodies.
The next interesting single is The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, in which O? Donoghue talks about the trauma associated with breakups.

However, if you are not a fan, the constant focus on heartbreak may seem monotonous. There are some upbeat songs which switch up the often serious mood of the album. A few examples are Fall For Anything, Before the Worst and Rusty Halo, where the latter seems to be questioning some aspects of Christanity .

Looking back at the album as a whole, it will appeal to fans of Maroon 5, One Republic and Keane.   
O? Donoghue?s soulful voice is really what makes the band unique, as well the group?s excellent production skills. The emotions that come across in the songs are original, genuine and heartfelt, unlike a lot of artists in the industry today.

The music may be considered mainstream, but their talent is undeniable and is part of their global success.  The trio have paid their dues by toiling behind the scenes in studios in order to get their big break. The Script is definitely rewritten and flipped with a new twist.

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