Fishing for Bonobo


Fishing for Bonobo


By Nadege Benoit


Bonobo is created by Simon Green who was born in 1976 and is a British musician, producer and DJ.


Bonobo has been active since 1999, producing songs and album, touring both England and America. So far Bonobo has produced four official albums: Animal Magic, Dial M for Monkey, Days to come, Black Sands and one unofficial album: One offs remixes and B-sides. Bonobo’s songs have appeared in many pop culture movies and series including : Californication, Lost, Adult Swim, House, Gossip Girl, Top Gear and CSI.


Bonobo’s music style is mixture of ‘DownTempo’,Trip Hop‘ and ‘Chillout’. The music that Bonobo creates is very melodic with shy drum beats and complex baselines. The music starts out simple with single tune emphasis and progressively develops, adding in more complex tunes. Drums or percussion are usually the last to enter and the first to drown away.


One offs remixes and B-sides was released in 2002 and features rare and formerly unreleased tracks along with remixed songs from Bonobo’s first album: Animal Magic. The album’s music is no different to the stock Bonobo creations except that the majority of this album’s tracks are mixed with melodic voices and renditions of historical speeches.   The music is perfect to sit back, listen to and appreciate. It is brilliant back ground music to play at the end of a hectic night out. Bonobo’s music creates a perfect backdrop to a chilled conversation with friends before you drift to sleep.


The melody and beat carries your mind away as you drift between the waves the songs produce, slowly building up and sweeping away, much like the relaxed and calm motion of the ocean waves washing onto the shore at night. The constant and solid beat keeps your mind awake, aware and alert while your whole body relaxes into subtle baselines and key notes that carry the tune across the air and into your ears. While the beat and melody create two different reactions to the listener they by no means are out of sync, their precise combination creates a harmonious and pleasant-sounding piece of music that, in turn,  creates a tranquil atmosphere. Bonobo’s music is an easy listen with very limited vocals in comparison to the normal pop-culture songs.


 The One offs remixes and B-sides CD can be bought from or you can visit Bonobo’s official website on Facebook to find out more information.



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