Far from a ‘Giant Mistake’

(( Kahn Morbee, Parlotones, Stardust Galaxies, A World Next Door to Yours, I?ll Be There, Rock, indie rock, Giant Mistake ))

Far from a ?Giant Mistake?

By: Zaheera Mulla

Described as being South Africa?s answer to Coldplay, The
Parlotones?[1] music can be portrayed as soft rock with deep and
dark romantic lyrics. The band consists of four members; brothers
and Paul Hodgson who play bass and lead guitar respectively,
singer/guitarist Kahn Morbee, and drummer Neil Pauw. They have
released five albums since their debut in 2005. These include
Radiocontrolledrobot, Borderline Patrol and  Stardust Galaxies.   

Their second album, A World Next Door to Yours, was released in
October 2007 and stayed on the South African top 20 sales chart for
over a year and made sales in excess of 80000. This is the one of the
main reasons that A World Next Door to Yours is currently South
Africa?s biggest selling rock album of the decade. This feat is
accompanied with the Double Platinum Status that the album received.
This album features many songs such as Giant Mistake , I?ll Be
There, Disappear Without a Trace and I?m Only Human. ?I?ll Be
There? achieved international status by recently being featured on
One Tree Hill[2] episode. The Parlotones joined a popular list of
musicians such as Snow Patrol and Foo Fighters who have also featured
on the show. The song was about dedication in a particular romantic
relationship and consists of themes including love, friendship and

So why are the Parlotones so popular and well liked? It could be due
to the fact that the sound of their music, inspired by Muse,
and the like, is alternative and A World Next to Yours[3] has many
tracks that you are able to sing and dance along to. Being a happy
song ?Dance?, in particular, is very catchy and demands that you
sing along. Other tracks such as ?I?m Only Human? and ?Window
Shopper? are edgy and share a hint of indie rock as well. There are
a few standout tracks on A World Next Door to Yours like I?ll be
there and Baby Be Mine that are different to Parlotones conventional

This album still has the distinct ?Parlotones? sound and style
which put them on the music map in the first place. It is
easy to listen and fans will enjoy the beautifully constructed poetic
lyrics of Kahn and crew. If you?re interested in rock music with a
bit of an indie-inspired twist, this album is perfect for you.   

The music video of I’ll Be There performed by The Parlotones.

[1] http://www.theparlotones.net/


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