Eskom can’t touch this

Artist: The Black Eyed Peas
Album: The E.N.D

The E.N.D., fifth studio album of The Black Eyed Peas, encapsulates the zeitgeist, the spirit, of the current era new media, partying and youthfulness with an appeal to the new generation. The album offers a new side of the Peas, a movement from hip-hop to pop to dance. There is a reason why The E.N.D. topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for half a year.

The album is best described as the essential party album. It does contain the six singles (Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Meet Me Halfway, Imma Be, Rock that Body and Missing You) that all reached the top of the charts in most parts of the world. The album title explains the motivation behind this new sound for The Peas. The Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D.) describes the modern world where energy literally never dies. Facebook, Google and Apple are pervasive aspects of daily life, as addressed in Now Generation. The songs are all very catchy and have definite great party making potential as well as focussing on issues that affect the youth of today. Being aimed at the new generation, it uses new technology in creating its sound (quite effectively, I might add).

It seems, however, that the Peas might be selling themselves and their sound. Whatever happened to the depth of tracks such as in Where is the Love? The Peas seem to have produced a shallow version of their former meaningful tracks. The album is mostly about partying (I Gotta Feeling, Party All the Time and Rock that Body) and casual sex (Ring-a-ling). Sometimes they have lost all creativity and one cannot call the words spoken lyrics, as with the repetition of ‘rocking to the beat’ in the track of the same name. The overall sound of the album can also become slightly monotonous because similar beats and themes are repeated.

But if you are looking for a pick me up, easy to listen to, night on the town album then this is the one for you. It may be shallow to some extent in terms of lyrics but we are all old enough to find the meaning threaded into the intricate electro sound of the album. The E.N.D. is a different sound for The Black Eyed Peas, but it is refreshing. The best part about the album is that if the energy never dies, neither will the partying.

Above: an interview with members of the band that might give you a bit more information.


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