Erykah’s Naked Truth


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Erica Abi Wright better known as Erykah Badu is one the leaders of the Neo Soul music genre. Her unconventional dress sense and conscious lyrics have made her an inspiration to upcoming Neo Soul artists and fans. Better known for her colorful head wraps and eclectic music, Badu has certainly pushed the boundaries of music. Her latest offering, New Amerykah Part 2 is a more personal album. It touches on issues such as body image, feminism and love.
The controversial Badu shot her single Window Seat in Texas Dallas which is also her home town. Badu sheds her clothes in broad daylight on the same street that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. As she walks she removes a piece of clothing till she is shot at the end of the video. Though this video may have offended conservatives, it is viewed by many as a pioneering artistic movement of shedding ones superficial skin.

By Nasiphi Gwagwa

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