Eminen on fire or not

By Vanessa Shongwe

Eminem comes back in 2010 with his new album “Recovery”, trying to redeem himself from his previous work in 2009 with the album “Relapse.” Eminem himself sided with critics on the lack of success with his 2009 album “Relapse;” he even calls himself out admitting that the album “Relapse” was mediocre. He also tells us through this album (“Recovery”) the challenges he was going through, like his jealously towards Kanye West and Lil Wayne and how he almost wrote dissing tracks dedicated to them. He also reveals that his last two albums don’t count because with the album “Encore” he was doing drugs and with “Relapse” he was flushing them out.

What critics seem to find odd is that even though he is trying to reveal the true Slim Shaddy the album is not consistent and finds itself falling back to the old Slim Shaddy. Chris Deline even says the album Recovery “failed to express Eminem’s talent”.

With all that has been said I still find myself drawn to Eminem’s song “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna as being one of his best work so far. Rihanna is an award winning artist with a lot of talent and I believe that the song was genius. One of my favourite lines in that track is “If she ever tries to fucking leave again I’m gonna tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.” I find the song as being true and one of the most emotional songs in the album. Some critics say that song is just a trend of the album filled with vulgar and sexist, and homophobic lyrics.

I guess that will depend on the level of sensitivity of an individual.  But what other critics love is the first person approach to the song and how it’s so connected to Eminem and that it is what gives it life.  The song “Love The Way YOU Lie” is said to be a commercial version of the song called “Kim.” The chemistry between the two artists is magical (and by chemistry one means their talents combined into one).

One thing is for sure this album was long awaited for, more so by his fans. The critics seem to be divided on whether Eminem was on fire or not.  What I think and do truly believe is that in this album Eminem has shown some maturity and that he has “RECOVERED.”


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