Crazy Love For Buble

Crazy Love for Buble
By Jessica Ricco

Image by: Mick Rock

With his first album in two and a half years, released on the 5 August 2010, Michael Buble?s new album Crazy Love, took the music stands by storm. It is modern as well as old-fashioned in such a way, that once you play the first song, you just get drawn in. He is definitely a first class, Grammy-winning vocalist.

Each song he sings confidently as if he has felt each and every feeling, and after experiencing it, he wishes to share it with the rest of the world. He puts emotion and passion into every word, like he has just made sense of the surrounding world and finally understands the meaning of life. When starting the album, there are a couple of slow songs such as Cry Me A River[1] and Georgia On My Mind[2] that helps you set the mood, and as it continues each song just gets that little bit better. The song titled Haven?t Met You Yet [3]is jolly, full of life and energy, putting a spring into anyone step. 

Buble smoothly relaxes and calms middle aged women, with a spark in his voice that just sieges control of each and every song, thus making it perfection. He has the most amazing connection with the background melody, and the chemistry between the two can be felt when hearing his voice complimenting the tune. After engaging in his music, listeners are left feeling mellow and tranquil.  His album delights ears as if it was a live performance.

?It is a more mature style,? says Richard Parker. His album is a more adult-contemporary style filled with power linked to a jazz tradition. It is packed with magic and has a light touch with not a bitter note.  ?I started this record knowing I was going to record it differently than my previous ones. I dug way deeper and was more introspective on this one. I sang the truth ? made each song autobiographical ? and you can definitely hear the difference… I wanted an organic feel- so that people could feel like they were in the studio with me,? Buble commented.

It is an absolutely wonderful album that develops his range positively. I would recommend Crazy Love to all my family members and friends. It was voted ?ring-a-ding-ding? by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, who are both in the same genre as Michael Buble. So do yourself a favour, go out and get your hands on one of the most amazing albums yet created, because it is definitely worth it.


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