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By: Kirsten Allnutt

The Black-Eyed Peas fifth and latest album is ironically called ?The E.N.D?, which is meant to stand for ?The Energy Never Dies?. But after listening to the songs and comparing it to the Black Eyed Peas previous albums, the title can be translated as ?the end? of originality and music talent from the highly commercialised pop band.

The Peas are often the band playing on the radio and have been since 2003 when female member, Fergie joined the crew. It?s undeniable that the new album has hits that have slashed their way through the charts with songs like ?I Gotta Feeling?, ?Meet me Halfway? and ?Boom Boom Pow?. But it?s also undeniable that these same songs have been shot and killed after being overplayed on radios, television and even at local supermarkets over the speakers. So yes, the album has done well with mostly everyone (even parents at the age of 49 that swear by the Beatles) singing along with their catchy tunes, but how different are these songs to their previous albums?

The Peas have previously had some successful albums, such as Elephunk with ?Shut up? and ?Where is the love? and later Monkey Business with ?Don?t phunk with my heart? and ?My humps?. These songs are well-known and had everyone across the world singing them. However, as the years continue the Peas music loses its flavour of originality with the recent songs sounding similar to the old. Not only do the songs sound similar but it also seems that the Peas are running out of content to sing about in their songs. The song ?Ring-A-Ling? in their new album has the three male crew members singing about ding-a-linging women. Just what children and teenagers should be singing along to, right?

Originality is clearly a critical issue and possibly because Fergie and Will.I.Am are taking the limelight singing positions for majority of the music.Apl.De.Ap and Taboo are often left out the glowing spotlight, rather looking like stage props and backup singers than band members. Perhaps new creative direction and microphone swapping may be the key solution.

And although the tunes may be lacking individuality somewhat, Fergie?s singing talent has also been lacking. The voice that sounds flawless in the recorded songs of the album does not sound as enjoyable in live performances of the band?s songs. During live performances Fergie and at times Will.I.Am have managed to strike out a few off key notes and struggle to keep in time with each other. If it wasn?t for the lighting and dancers at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening ceremony that distracted from the noise and glitches of the Black Eyed Peas performance, the audience would?ve been greatly disappointed.

Disappointment or no disappointment, but i?ve gotta feeling that ?The E.N.D.? really is the end of pop music classics from the Black Eyed Peas.


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