Blind Faith?

By Connor Alexander

A thousand sunsets? This is the general consensus of Linkin Park fans who have shocked by Linkin Parks new attempt at uniqueness, the question being; is this change for the better or is this new path destined to take away the qualities that Linkin Park fans adored.

On September 14th 2010 the new Linkin Park album, a thousand suns, made its debut to a rather expectant and anxious audience. Historically Linkin Parks albums have never failed to please, there mix of multiple genres integrated into rock was there trademark style. They have however seemed to have abandoned this path and have chosen to focus on another genre which lacks the ethos of originality that Linkin Park possessed.

The new style that Linkin Park seems to be exclusively focusing on in their new album is that of soft rock and that alone, many of their songs sharing incredibly similar characteristics. This new outlook on music seems to have displeased many of their loyal fan bases who were expecting an album able to rival previous albums such as Hybrid Theory, Minutes to Midnight and Meteora all of which were praised for having a consistent versatility to them. This new focus on soft rock, a genre which is already dominated by many other bands, seems to imply a more morbid outlook on music and lacks the fast paced integrated style that made their sound unique.

It seems that, as with many musicians, situational changes have directly affected their music. Health problems with there lead singer, Chester Bennington (who is rumoured to have throat cancer) and the recent tragedy that occurred in Haiti, which Linkin Park played a major role in contributing help towards relief work (such as tribute songs), most definitely have changed there outlook on life which has translated into a musical revelation within the group which seems to have put many die hard fans in a state of shock, making even Linkin Park fans doubt there loyalty towards the group.

This total and sudden change to their style seems to have split there fan base with many fans either avidly being for or against this new development. Linkin Park has always influenced the rock world with its take on music influencing many bands; however their most recent album seems to have been influenced by other musicians. The final question to be asked is: Are Linkin Park fans really pleased or are they are just blindly loyal?


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