Alesana fills the void

By Nicola Graham

As with many musicians today, Alesana?s latest and possibly
greatest metal core album is essentially based on love, the loss
love and the emptiness that follows. The album the emptiness was
released in January 2010 and is based on Edgar Allan Poe?s famous
poem Annabel Lee[3]. The latest theme for the album has proven to be
huge success. The opening words of the first track on the album
the music Alesana has created as well as the theme of lost love and
the emptiness that taunts an individual.
?I am here to tell you a story, a story that will torture your
thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night. And though i will do
my best, there are no words that can be written or brush strokes on a
canvas that can describe the stark and utter horror the night that
Annabel died.?
Despite the Bands tradition of creating a theme for their albums, the
band has emerged with a whole new and refined sound. Previously
Alesana?s music often became inaudible as they merged too many
voices into one verse; the emptiness has shown the uniqueness of each
of the multiple singers? voices as they have fewer voices over
lapping at the same time, allowing the listener to appreciate the
individual voices of the band members.
This new found sound that Alesana has produced must also be
attributed to the presence of a new guitarist, bringing a whole new
feel to the music. The album has a few extremely memorable songs that
would apply to listeners who do not particularly enjoy metal core or
hard metal, such as in her tomb by the Surrounding Sea. This
particular song has little screaming, and when there is screaming it
is subtle and merged in well with the vocals of the lead voices.
All in all, Alesana has come a long way from their original sound. In
Alesana?s new approach to their music they have allowed a new fan
base to be formed as well as maintaining their old fans.



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