As Hot as A Thousand Suns

By Neo Baepi


Linkin Park has released something that will take the alternative rock music industry (if not the entire music industry) by storm. A storm that will reach biblical proportions. For a band that never fails to deliver top-notch compilations has surpassed all expectations for all fans.

The brand new Linkin Park album has had mixed reactions from many loyal fans. The recently released album entitled A Thousand Suns, which was released in September of this year is a genius mish-mash of techno alternative rock. The sound is inordinately unique and has been hailed for creating their own genre by other critics and that ?after this album, all rock will revolve around Linkin Park?. A comment I tend to agree with, being an avid Linkin Park fan myself.

The album has an authentic sound ? one that only appeals to the ear of he who appreciates the unusual. It also has songs that will appeal to every kind of fan. For example, tracks such as The Requiem and When They Come For Me are more on the techno and upbeat side; whereas The Messenger tends to be more mellow and slow. The true genius and skill of the band?s instrumentalism fully comes out in this recent album. One becomes appreciative of every element of sound when listening to A Thousand Suns. There are even sounds and instrument that one has probably never heard of before purchasing the album.

Fans have been skeptical about the band?s progress in light of lead singer Chester Bennington?s diagnosis of throat cancer, but they have remained consistent and have reciprocated the loyalty that fans have faithfully given to them. In the previously mentioned track, The Messenger, one can hear that Bennington struggles with some of the higher notes, but he sounds amazing nonetheless. Mike Shinoda, the other half of Linkin Park?s vocal duo, does a lot more singing than one would expect or even appreciate ? most fans associate the band?s singing with Bennington.

Linkin Park has made a masterpiece of an album. It will become the model for what many other rock bands are going to transform their sound into. The notions of normalcy and conventionalism will gradually dwindle and different forms of sound experimentation will be exploited and become a part of mainstream rock n? roll. It is safe to say that Linkin Park has become and will continue to be the foundation of rock music.

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