A Thousand Reasons to Listen

Take a trip back to an epic album Collision Course (ft. Jay Z) which made many people move Numb / Encore to the top of their playlist. Considering the talent that is continually showcased through the works of a band such as Linkin Park it does not come as a surprise that their new album would receive a lot of attention.

A Thousand Suns is Linkin Park?s latest album which was released September 14, 2010. The band itself has won numerous awards some of them being The World Music Award for Best Rock Group (2003) and The World?s Best Selling Rock Group (2007).

Linkin Park?s new album A Thousand Suns has a very melancholic mood however it is a must have for one?s I-pod. It showcases quite a mix of songs which caters for everyone. The music is a bit ?out there? however if you look at Linkin Park they do not opt for a stagnant approach to their albums.

If lyrics are your thing, then this album is for you. This band never fails to deliver with the extremities of their lyrics. If the lyrics are meant to veer towards relationships and life in general then the title is quite suited.

There are particular tracks on this album which have more of an impact as opposed to others. For starters When they come for me and  Burning in the skies are tracks which have more meaning to them. One track that sums up the album would be waiting for the end which has a futuristic and timeless feel to it.

For those of you who prefer a more in depth approach to life and a deeper appreciation for music then tracks like Blackout and Wretches and the Kings will definitely be of interest to you.  If you looking for various tracks to brighten up your mood then these are not them.

Some of the weaker tracks on this album are Wisdom, Justice & Love and The Requiem which are much better suited to filling in the gaps if one is looking to have an extensive playlist. The album does however sound close to something that would usually come from Prime Circle or Just Jinger.

Nevertheless Chester and the boys have yet again outdone themselves with a very alternative yet chilled album which will hopefully keep their many thousands of fans satisfied and at the same time recruit new ones.


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