A Foot in Two Doors

Two Door Cinema Club is an indie electropop band from Bangor, Northern Ireland.?? Signed to French hipster label Kitsun??, the band released their debut album Tourist History in March 2010.

The band???s quirky name stems from their local movie house ???The Tudor Cinema,??? which one of their members unknowingly regularly mispronounced.

The band was shortlisted in the BBC???s Sound of 2010 poll, and has enjoyed moderate critical acclaim and an increasing amount of followers this year.

Tourist History is a short ten track EP that takes the listener on what feels like bar-hopping tour of Bangor.?? The lead-in track Cigarettes in the Cinema sets the scene with infectious beats and blaring trumpets, introducing lead singer Alex Trimble, who instantly draws comparisons to label mate Phoenix???s Thomas Mars.

The album, produced by Phillipe Zdar, who mixed Phoenix???s Grammy-winning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, does not expect much from the listener.

Although short, it can become quite drawn-out at stages, with many similar-sounding tracks, which are thankfully redeemed by a few standout numbers.

Lead single I Can Talk, with its dark undertones and fidgety rhythms, is one of these tracks.?? Already playlisted on local radio station 5FM, the undercover love song echoes what most of the album seems to draw inspiration from ??? girls.

Another track worth listening to is the blaring anthem Come Back Home. The song opens with the lines ???another Saturday / another careless move,??? which sums up the careless but refreshing frivolity of the band and their music.

Do You Want It All is the only truly annoying song on the album, with meaningless lyrics and repetitive chanting that seems to break the flow between Come Back Home and the shiny existentialist number This is the Life.

Undercover Martyn, an up-beat song about unrequited love,seems likely to be the next single from the album.

Laura Silverman of The Times describes Tourist History as "an excited burst of short, simple indie pop songs driven by jangly guitars and punk rhythms".

This being the band???s first full-length album, credit must be given for producing a series of tracks that capture the essence of youthful Irish vigour.

Tourist History is just the starting point for this band, showing off their unique flavour and musical direction, and lays the foundation for further experimentation. Working with great producers and under the wings of established acts such as Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club seems destined to revolutionise the electro-indie genre.

Latest tracks by Two Door Cinema Club


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