65days resurrect post-rock

By Tish Haridass

If music informs the soul through the ears then, 65daysofstatic?s album The Fall Of Math informs the soul through the heart. I am by no means an experimental/progressive rock fan, I hardly understand what the genre comprises. However, this album will certainly put both the band and the genre on the map.

The band refers to their style as experimental post-rock. Their music is a blend of imaginative drum solo?s, quiet piano licks, soaring guitar leads and digital creations. Don?t be fooled into thinking that this album lends itself to the incoherent noise that many other bands produce within the post-rock genre. 65daysofstatic create tracks that are both melodious and emotive.

The Fall Of Math is the band?s debut album. The band?s line up underwent several changes prior to its release and the end result was Joe Shrewsbury, Rob Jones, Simon Wright and Paul Wolinski.

The tracks (all instrumental) have soft, sultry piano selections that quickly culminate into booming guitar and drum pieces. None of the harmony of the piano introductions are lost in the transition. The title track includes a piece from guest violinist, Luke Shrewsbury, which in its own right is a stunning composition. However, the title track isn?t the best on the album. The award falls to Retreat! Retreat!  or I swallowed hard, like I understood.

Retreat! Retreat! is arguably the band?s most popular song. The opening vocal of someone saying, ?This band is unstoppable? is certainly not an unfounded statement. The pure energy and power of the song is almost indescribable. The track is a collision of remarkable artistry and creativity. By the end of it, you?re left with a sense of euphoria and a feeling that 65daysofstatic will be unstoppable if this album is anything to go by.

The Fall Of Math is an album that takes risks, displays talent and thought and pushes the boundaries. Each track has an almost physical affect on the listener. Its rich and glorious sounds provoke thought and emotion in a way not often associated with post-rock. Even the synthetic, electric sounds add an emotional dimension to their music. The band toured with popular rock act, The Cure in 2008 and planned their first world tour for this year. Although, due to a family emergency, most of the shows outside of Europe were cancelled.

The four from Sheffield, UK have combined enormous talent to produce an album that will resonate with you long after the final track ends. Stepping outside of your comfort pop or rap zone and taking a listen to this album, will be a rewarding journey.


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