Time to Worship

By Sibulele Magini

Usuku Lwenkosi, meaning the day of the Lord, is Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors’ 10th DVD album. This spirit-filled, anointed and Christian family launched the DVD in their home country at the landlocked country, The Kingdom of Swaziland; where over 500 000 people came to witness the group lifting souls and healing hearts.

The album is divided into two sessions: one which is their 10th anniversary celebration where they take songs from their first album to their 9th and the other consist of the 12-tracks of the new album. The album is the right dose for those who need to feel the connection with God as its content draws one closer and closer to their Lord calling to mind the urge to close the eyes however the visuals refrains one from doing so. It instantaneously takes one on a flight towards heaven consequent to its spirit inspired lyrics.

The gospel sensation brings a sombre yet introspective tone through their exclusive and exceptional individualistic voices that induce tears of contrition and victory. Be blessed with songs like Mbonge uJehova (praise the Lord), Iintliziyo zethu (our hearts thank you) and the illustrious Mdumise njalo (praise him even in sorrowfulness) as they unleash an exuberant spirit. In this album the group continues to uphold that proverbial pulsating sound reminiscent in their earlier workers. However, the quality of this album in terms of the visuals, vocals, attire, instruments, voices, lyrics, sound, audience vibe and overall performance surpasses all previous albums.

Timothy Myeni, the founder of the group and lead vocal, who was also a teacher and is now Member of Parliament showcases his instrumental ingenuity and allows the piano to take the throne throughout the album which is a bit overdone and scalded. Nevertheless, the album is rife with rich sound that keeps hands lifted in joyous.

In this sensational and breathtaking album the group incorporated their usual well-heeled traditional gospel sound with the cheerful contemporary rhythms which exhibits a musicality beyond description. This graceful and witty integration of musicianship and lyricism bears testimony as to why group sold over half-a-million units with this album in six-months.

The group had always inhabited a notable poise which attests why the group won the best selling album in the South Africa Music Awards (SAMA) in 2008 for their album preceding the latter, entitled Buya Nkosi Jesu, and the South African Crown Gospel Music Awards. The group is composed of four married couple that is reaching further into the South Africa market. Your collection is curtailed without this album as it is a must-have.

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