African beat, Ringo Madlingozi

This is Ringo Madlingozi; he sings African R&B music. He has Million followers on the African continent and around the rest of the world, he is simply known as Ringo – and to his followers there is only one Ringo. Today he has proved to be a constant crowd-puller at concerts around the country, who remains a firm favourite with his fans. Ringo started a band called Gecko Moon with Alan Cameron, a fellow colleague member.

The band had a hit with Green-Green, a crossover track that was well received. Since his debut solo album, Vukani, he has been unstoppable in his move up the music ladder. He has scooped multiple awards for his albums, including South African Music Awards (Samas) and Kora All African Music Awards, where, among others, he has won Best Male Artist in Southern Africa and the African Continent. Simphiwe Dana an afro jazz singer describes Ringo’s as fantastic; this after listening to Ringo’s Buyisa.

In May 2003, Ringo Live was recorded at the State Theatre in Pretoria and released in both DVD and CD format in August that year. It has sold more than 150 000 units, reaching multi-platinum status; the DVD has sold over 60 000 units. The following year Ringo released his album Baleka, which has sold more than 75 000 units. On that album, he worked with Dillon O’Bryan, who wrote The Temptations’ song Soul to Soul.

Ringo’s mission in life is, through his music, to preach about love, awaken the spirit of togetherness and fill the hearts of those who are destitute with hope and belief in a better tomorrow.

He also wishes to see a united society, striving for the betterment of all mankind without regard to one’s race, religion, language, sexual orientation or creed. Ringo’s success in life is not material but his quest to touch many a heart and spread the message of love. Ringo’s album Vukani marked a new direction for him. Literally meaning “Wake up”, it firmly rooted Ringo in the African pop genre, giving expression to the ukuxhentsa rhythms that had inspired the singer in his youth when he used to listen to amagqirha, or traditional healers, in his neighborhood and appreciate their rhythms.

Characters: Sindile Madlingozi is a gifted vocalist, drummer, percussionist and guitarist. He is also a multi-talented songwriter, producer and arranger of brilliant music that can be defined in two decades.

This is the end of the story.


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