Fire Through the Window

Fire Through the Window (FTTW) is an easy band to fall in love with. The indie/pop band from Durban has an edgy, feel good sound that makes one want to dance to their beat all night long. Their music could be the background track for a hot summer’s day spent at the beach with friends. The fact that they are incredibly nice people makes it that much easier to like them. The lead singer, and the only girl in the band Sin”ad Dennis is dating fellow band member Marc De La Querra (Vocals/Guitar). Other band members include Warwick Kay (Guitar), Sheldon Yoko (Drums) and Keagan van Rooyen (Bass).

FTTW released their first album Fire Through the Window in 2007, and the album’s hit single ‘Just Like You Are’ became the official song for the South African Apple iPod Nano commercial in 2007/8. ‘Do Do Do’ is the catchy single that emerged from their next album HEY! Both singles, ‘Just Like You Are’ and ‘Do Do Do’ became well known tracks on South African radio stations.

FTTW are currently on tour promoting their latest album ‘All these People are Golden’. They kicked off their tour in Grahamstown where they received high praise for their quirky, easy to love sound. When asked what is different about this album, Marc La Querra replied, ‘It’s edgy and more mature. This is the first album that we have worked on as a band’ that makes a big difference. We also spent more time in studio ‘that helped a lot.’

FTTW are racking up great responses from critics and industry members. Speakerbox describe their music as, “Simple, playful rock with enough naive sincerity to melt PW Botha’s heart. The production’s excellent, the songs are well played, well written and catchy, the melodies stick to your brain like Maltesers.”

David Chislett also has good things to say about the ‘fiery’ group, “Fire Through The Window have created a rare gem: a band that is truly pop, radio friendly and accessible without being crap, dull and boring.”

So if you want to have a jamming night; do yourself a favour and get to a Fire Through The Window gig. They are on tour now, and are bound to be in a city near you. If you have missed them already, buy their album and support some great South African music.


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