Prime Circle split down the middle

Ever since Hello, I have been a Prime Circle fan. They are mostly known for their feel-good rock and alternative compositions. If you have grown up in South Africa and have been a fan of the SA music scene, you will have grown up with great Prime Circle tunes such as Let me go, Miracle and Live this life.

In a past weekend I was lucky enough to go to a gig of theirs at Cresta Shopping Mall where they rocked out their new album, Jeckyll and Hyde for the fans. On the way to the gig, I listened to the album and was immediately bombarded by crashing cymbals and an electric intro on guitar with Prime Circle at the helm.

The album jumps out at you right from the start with the fist-clenching first track Closure then starts taking a turn to a touching piano intro with Breathing which was the first release of the album and slowly climbing on the 5FM top 40. Just as you thought you caught your breath, the band picks up the mid-section of the album with solid rock tracks like Everything you Want and All Of Me. Track after track the album keeps you listening as it switches to the melodic Turning In My Sleep to the speaker busting Never Gonna Bring Us Down. It then turns down to heart-felt Turn me to Stone and finishes with a very dark Jekyll & Hyde.

Here is an album which was created to showcase Prime Circle’s hard rock roots but now with a more melodious side as well. It is an ideal example to display the diversity of this leading South African rock band. The album was produced by Theo Crous who worked with fellow SA rock band aKING and mixed by Kevin Shirley who has worked with legends Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden.

The title of the album does the genre of the album justice. Jeckyll and Hyde is a clear split personality between edgy hard rock and emotional, sincere ballads, proved in the album’s title song in track 12. It leaves you exhausted but hungry for more. Their live performing skills certainly match their talents heard on the album.

Prime Circle consists of:
Ross Learmonth on vocals and guitar
Neil Breytenbach on keyboards
Dale Schnettler on drums
Marco Gomes on bass
Dirk Bisschoff on lead guitar

Jekyll & Hyde Tracks:
1. Closure
2. Broken Promises
3. Breathing
4. Everything You Want
5. All Of Me
6. Turning in my Sleep
7. Never Gonna Bring Us Down
8. I’m Ready
9. Worth the Fight
10. Not The Same
11. Turn Me To Stone
12. Jekyll & Hyde
13. Brothers (Bonus Track)


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