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Dance with my father is the thirteenth studio album by American R&B-soul-songwriter Luther Vandross. The album was released on June 2002.  The whole album especially the title track is dedicated to his late father.

This album has fourteen soulful tracks, here he worked with different people from the industry, and he collaborated with names like Beyonce Knowles in the soft classic /The closer I get to you/ and with hip-hop artist, Busta Rhymes and Queen Latifah which proved to be great collaborations because he still kept his trademark of the soft, easy ballads. In the track called If it ain’t one thing he did a duo with the bad girl Foxy Brown who brings plenty of attitude to the song. It is clearly evident that in this album he went all out to make it a success.

It did become a success because the album earned Vandross two American music awards in 2003, for favourite soul R&B male artist and favourite soul R&B album and four Grammy awards in 2004 for song of the year and best male R&B vocal performance for Dance with my father.That was no surprise because the singer really worked hard in this album, as he stepped out of his comfort zone and work with artist of other genres and together they came up with sounds that will get you moving but still get the message.

The album starts with slow romantic sounds but when you get to track number six which is Lovely day featuring Busta Rhymes, the beats get a little heavier. Track number seven which is the title of the album Dance with my father is an emotional song dedicated to his father who died of diabetes when he was just seven years old.

This singer was a legend, after his death varies artist made tribute to him and his career by re-doing his songs. He died on the 1 of June 2003 but this album is relevant even today. So I suggest that you go get this album as you will not be disappointed.


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