No tears required

Boo Hoo, released in 2002 on the Projekt Records production label, and is the 4th album produced by dark cabaret musician Voltaire. Boo Hoo is certainly not one of Voltaire’s darkest or most morbid albums but it is arguably his saddest. Many of the songs on the album take on somewhat depressive lyrics all the while holding true to the darkened cynical nature that many of his previous albums portray. The album has an overall theme of lost love yet he still adds his own twist to the entire concept by making the whole idea of relationships seem funny and futile at the same time.

As always, the lyrics seem to have a lot more to say then the music that accompanies it, such as the song Future ex-girlfriend which at first sound quite up-beat yet expresses disappointment in relationships. See you in hell has a similar style where he has taken a rather depressive matter and added his own form of wit which merely delays the lyrics gloomy nature.

Once again Voltaire avoids the sobbing, wailing or bellowing tone stereotypical of most Gothic music today which makes this album quite refreshing for its genre and holds true to a sound and style unique to Voltaire. Yes, the concepts behind some of the songs may be sad or sinister but Voltaire also has the unique ability to meld this darkness with a wit of his own which is not common to any gothic theme (as the genre very rarely, if ever, lends itself to satire)

The album also features one of Voltaire’s most popular hits, Brains, which was written specifically for the animated series called The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy which also deviates slightly from the more folksy feel of most of Voltaire’s other songs by incorporating a swing beat.

Another similarly happy song on the album Vampire club is a satirical view on the vampire sub-culture forming among Goths and displays none of the relationship themes prevalent in the rest of the album.

There are very few, if any artists that could adequately compare with Voltaire. If you haven’t already been acquainted with Voltaire’s music the Boo Hoo album is a good one to start with as it does give a good sense of his particular style of mixing darkness and light heartedness. Artists/ bands which may possibly be seen as having a similar feel to that of Voltaire would be Creature Feature or Abney Park. 


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