Fabrics of the heart

Photo by: Generationbass.com

Artist: Liquideep
Album Title: Fabrics Of The Heart
Genre: House/ dance music

Fabrics Of The Heart, by the talented international house duo, Liquideep, is taking SA’s house music scene by storm. This 14 track album is the duo’s debut studio album on the music scene.

Jonathan ‘Ziyon’ Hamilton, who is one half of the group, is from the USA. He produces 12 of the 14 tracks on the album. The other half, Thabo ‘Ryzor’ Shokgolo is from SA and he produces the rest of the tracks on the album.

This album is an infusion of both members’ years of musical experience and cultural backgrounds, which shines through in the soulful feel of the album. The beats are soothing but simultaneously energetic enough to burn up the dance floor and get everyone moving.The track BBM, which is featured second on the album, is a good example of this musical blend. The catchy lyrics mixed with the powerful base make this tune a winner.

Another promising song is track 8, Alone, which is one of the tracks produced by Ryzor. This song has a vibey commercial sound to it but is composed in a way that makes the track tranquil and potentially timeless. Ziyon’s voice, the lyrics and the instruments on this track mesh beautifully to make the listener want to engage with the song physically and emotionally.

Another highlight is a track called Dreams. In this song Ziyon sings about never letting go of ones dreams. The upbeat tempo and inspirational message is the combo that makes Dreams memorable.   
The lyrical element of the album is probably part of the reason for its success. The lyrics are not boring one liners but a story which people can relate to and sing along to.

Although every song offers something different, the soulful theme that runs through the album makes each track flow into each other effortlessly. However, some of the track changes are a bit sudden. Also, tracks 10 to 13 offer a more instrumental sound than the previous tracks.

Other tracks to look out for are Something about you and the Fairytale reprise.

Overall, this is a very good album because it maintains the standard created by the hit single Fairytale and it has something for everyone, from umajivani in the club to people who believe the aim is not to sweat. 

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