Die Antwoord sends an $O$?

Artist: Die Antwoord
Album: $O$
Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Kwaito

Die Antwoord burst onto the scene in 2009, with YouTube video downloads reaching into the millions. The band consists of 3 key members: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek. Lead singer/ rapper Ninja was on the hip hop music scenes fronting persona bands such as The Original Evergreens and Max Normal. Die Antwoord is the biggest phenomenon South Africa has ever seen!

The music is the tacky blend of electro-generated sounds, and a rock-hip hop mash up. The lyrics are as crude as they come, with no fear to proudly sing highly offensive words. Yet once you have heard a song by Die Antwoord, you cannot help but obsess over this brainless band. The band takes South African music to a level where most bands have failed to go.

By combining the interests and passions of every culturally diverse group in this Apartheid-scared country, Die Antwoord have managed to tap into a far wider audience. They combine Afrikaans lyrics, Cape-Coloured accents, a Kwaito beat, with a pinch of rock: and it works. The sound is what Die Antwoord classifies as simply zef, and like the term, the music doesn’t make much sense either. Yet the repetitive, offensive lyrics have enter your mind and takes over like an internet virus.

Their first single, Zef Side, initiated an interest among rebelling adolescents but it was their following track Enter the Ninja that had people of every age, race and class on the edge of their seats. Their album $O$ was released for free download via the internet in 2009, and nine months later Die Antwoord were touring the USA and their websites had the an incredible amount of hits.

Some songs cannot be tolerated as music, or is even listenable for that matter. Tracks like She makes me a killer and Fish Paste give critics and the older generation a reason to shut Die Antwoord down! With every 3rd word being as offensive as they come, especially to the authentic Afrikaners as myself, simply optimize the scum class of this band.

On the bright side, tracks that I highly recommend (yes I too am obsessed) would be Enter the Ninja and Doosdronk which combines musical talent of local bands Fokofpolisiekar and infamous Jack Parrow. Their newest release, Evil Boy is a pure stroke of genius! It has a great beat, combines Xhosa, Afrikaans and English, and the music video puts Lady Gaga to persona-shame!

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